WIC Income Guidelines

If you plan on applying for WIC in your state, then one of the requirements they look at is your household income. To be eligible for WIC benefits an applicant must have income at or below an income standard or level set by your local state agency, or an applicant can be determined income eligible based on participation in other state administrated programs. To view the specific WIC income guidelines in your state, select your state below.

WIC Income Eligibility

During the application process for WIC, the state agency will look at your income to see if you meet their WIC income guidelines. The income standards must be between 100% of the Federal poverty guidelines, but cannot be more than 185% of the Federal poverty income guidelines. To see the standard WIC income guidelines, select your state below.

Automatic WIC Income Eligibility

In some cases, certain applicants applying for WIC can be deemed income eligible for WIC based on their participation in certain programs. This includes individuals who are eligible to receive SNAP benefits (Food Stamps), Medicaid, TANF, or family members who are eligible to receive Medicaid, TANF, or by choice of the state agency, individual's that are eligible to participate in state specific administrated programs. To find out if you or a household family member qualifies to be automatically WIC income eligible, select your state below.