WIC Approved Food List

One of the benefits when receiving WIC is the ability to purchase nutritious and healthy foods at your local grocery store. Once an applicant is approved for WIC they are given checks/vouchers, or in some states a WIC EBT (Electronic benefit transfer) card that they can then use to buy food.

Each month you will then need to visit your local WIC clinic to receive more checks/vouchers for as long as you are on the WIC program. To find out what foods you can purchase using your WIC benefits, select your state below.

What is a WIC EBT Card?

When receiving WIC benefits you would normally receive paper checks or vouchers to use to purchase WIC approved foods. However, states are now transitioning to have you use what is a called a WIC EBT card. It is like a normal debit or credit card where you hand it to the cashier at check out. They will then swipe the card and it will automatically subtract the amount from your WIC balance.

Each month it will automatically refill your card electronically so you do not have to go down to your local WIC clinic. To find out if your state is using WIC EBT cards, please select your state below. All states are supposed to convert over to this new system by the year 2020.

What foods can I buy?

Some of the foods available through the WIC program include eggs, cheese, infant and adult cereal, fruits and vegetables, canned fish, peanut butter and canned beans and peas and more. To find out all WIC food list for your state, select your state below.