About WICOffice.net

This website is dedicated to helping you find information about the WIC program including how to apply for WIC, what foods you can purchase and what are the income requirements to qualify for WIC benefits. We also have a list of WIC clinics and WIC approved grocery stores found throughout the United States to help you find a location near you.

This information is out on the internet already, but it is scattered throughout on different websites and with each state agency managing their own program, the process can be different from state to state. The goal on WICOffice.net is to be a one stop shop for your WIC needs, and to help you find the information easily and quickly.

If you have questions or issues (IE report a broken link or report incorrect information on this site) about WICOffice.net, please use the Contact Us form below to let us know. Or if you have any suggestions to help make this site better, let us know as well!

Please do not contact us about WIC itself as we would be unable to assist (We won't respond). This site is not an official government website, nor is it affiliated with any government service or agency. If you need help with WIC, please contact your local WIC office for assistance.