WIC Approved Stores

If you are on WIC and need to purchase food items, then select a state below to browse our list of WIC approved stores. It is recommended that when you go shopping, bring the folder given to you when you were approved for the WIC program so you can review what foods you can purchase.

Remember to also bring your checks/vouchers, or WIC EBT card. Our list provides the address, phone number and hours of operations for stores that accept WIC in each state. In most cases, a store will have a sign out front that shows that they accept WIC benefits at their location.

WIC Shopping Tips

Here are some tips for when you go shopping for WIC approved foods. First, do not use your checks or vouchers before the "First Date to Use" or after the "Last Date to Use". Buy only the food printed on your check. View the WIC food list in your state to see what items you can purchase. At checkout make sure you separate your food items by check and from non-WIC foods. Each WIC check must be rung up separately by the cashier.

Make sure you tell the cashier that you are using WIC checks and make sure they enter in the correct price. Then show the cashier your WIC ID envelope. As a reminder, only you, the endorser, or your alternate shopper may sign the checks at the store.

Your alternate shopper must sign the front of the WIC ID envelope before going to the store. And always make sure you get a receipt from the cashier so you can track what you purchase and your current WIC balance.