WIC stores in New York

Find a WIC approved store in New York. When receiving your benefits, you are given paper checks/vouchers, or in some states a WIC EBT card, that will allow you to shop at your local grocery store and purchase WIC approved foods. To find a New York WIC store near you, select your city below. We list vendors who are approved to accept NY WIC benefits.

For each location listed we provide the WIC store hours, phone number and address. Or if you prefer, you can use our WIC Store Search page. This allows you to search for WIC approved vendors near your address.

Before you go shopping

Prior to going shopping, it is recommended that you take a look at the "first day to use" printed on your check/voucher. Be sure to take the right ones with you. If you sign a WIC check/voucher before you give it to the cashier, it would not be accepted. Make sure you bring your WIC food checks/vouchers, WIC ID folder and a copy of the New York WIC approved food list.

If another person listed on the WIC ID folder will be using the check/vouchers, be sure that they understand how to shop with WIC benefits and that they may be asked for their ID at checkout. If you have questions about WIC approved stores in New York, or what foods you can buy, contact your local WIC clinic and they should be able to assist you.

New York WIC Approved Stores

Below we list all the cities found in this state with store locations that accept WIC. In most cases a store will have a sign at the front stating they accept New York WIC benefits. To browse through the list of approved WIC vendors in your state, select your city below.