Yale New Haven Hospital WIC Office

Get details for the Yale New Haven Hospital, a WIC office in New Haven Connecticut. If you live near this location and need to contact them, use the information listed below. We provide the WIC phone number, address, hours of operation and if available, the services they provide.

If this is not near where you live and you need to find a location close by, then try our WIC clinic search page. It allows you to search for clinics nearby using your address. If you need to file a complaint against this New Haven WIC office in Connecticut, then contact the Connecticut Department of Public Health.

Qualifying for WIC benefits

If you are looking to get on the Connecticut WIC program, then the first step is to contact Yale New Haven Hospital to setup an appointment. You will need to bring information with you to help the staff determine if you qualify for CT WIC benefits.

While scheduling your appointment, we recommend you talk to the staff and verify what information you need to bring with you. Failure to bring the required documents may cause delay in the application process.

First WIC appointment

Your first appointment will determine if you are eligible to receive WIC. You need to bring each person who plans to enroll, including your infant(s) or children. The staff will need to see proof of identification, proof of income and proof of residency.

There also will be a nutritionist or health professional at the WIC clinic who will provide a simple health screening to determine any nutritional risk. Examples of a nutritional risk are:

  • Anemia (low blood levels)
  • Being underweight
  • History of poor pregnancy outcome or
  • A poor diet

To see what all is required, view how to apply for Connecticut WIC.

Approved for WIC, what's next?

Once the staff has determined you qualify for WIC, you will then receive nutrition education and be provided with checks/vouchers with specific food packages for each member of your family who qualify.

You can then take them to your local grocery store to buy nutritious foods. To find a vendor you can shop at, view CT WIC approved stores. To see a full list of items you can purchase using your benefits, view the CT WIC approved food list.

How often do I have to come to the WIC clinic?

In most cases, people will come to Yale New Haven Hospital once every 2-3 months for more WIC checks/vouchers and to see if the program is working. If not, the WIC staff will adjust the program as needed. How often you visit this clinic depends on both your needs and your WIC clinic schedule. When you first enroll, you will discuss your schedule with the WIC nutritionist.

The eWIC System

States are now moving to a new system to replace paper checks/vouchers to purchase WIC approved foods. The eWIC System provides the applicant with a WIC EBT (Electronic benefit transfer) card, which acts like a debit card. When you check out, you would give your Connecticut WIC EBT card to the cashier and they will swipe the card through their POS system, and it will deduct from your current WIC balance.

You no longer will need to visit the WIC clinic to get more checks/vouchers, instead your card will be electronically refilled. For more information about the eWIC System in your state, please contact your local WIC clinic. All states plan to move over to this new system by 2020.

  • WIC Clinic Location

    Yale New Haven Hospital
    1401 Chapel Street
    New Haven, CT 06511

  • WIC Clinic Phone Number

    The WIC number to this Connecticut clinic is 203-789‐3563. You can fax their office at 203-867‐5208.

  • WIC Clinic Hours

    It appears we do not have the hours of operations for this Connecticut WIC clinic.

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Map of Yale New Haven Hospital

Below is a map of the current Connecticut WIC clinic, located at 1401 Chapel Street New Haven CT 06511. You can view the current WIC office hours and other WIC locations nearby on this page.