WIC Clinics in North Dakota

View a list of North Dakota WIC clinics. Browse a list of cities that have WIC office locations in ND. We provide the clinic phone number, address, hours of operations and if available, what services they provide. Or if you prefer, you can try our WIC clinic search page that allows you to search for North Dakota WIC offices nearby using your address.

Applying for WIC benefits

If you are looking to apply for the North Dakota WIC program, then your first step is to contact your local WIC clinic and schedule an appointment. When talking to the staff, it is recommended that you verify what documents you need to bring with you to your appointment.

It is important you bring everything they are requesting, otherwise you risk delaying the application process to obtain WIC benefits. To find a North Dakota WIC office close to you, select a city below. To view the full process, check out how to apply for North Dakota WIC.

Once you are on the WIC program, the staff will provide you with everything you need to start using your benefits. You will also need to re-visit the North Dakota WIC clinic location for follow up appointments to make sure the program is working for you and adjust as needed, and to pick up more WIC checks/vouchers so you can continue to purchase WIC approved foods at your local grocery store.