WIC stores in Orion IL

Find a WIC approved store in Orion Illinois. If you are currently receiving WIC benefits and need to go shopping in the city, then please review a list of stores below that have been approved to sell WIC foods. We provide the WIC phone number, address and hours of operation for each vendor listed. Or if you prefer, you can use our WIC Store Search page where you can search for a store location near your address.

WIC Shopping Tips

When shopping it is recommended that you do not use your checks/vouchers before the "First Date of Use" or after the "Last Date to Use." Only purchase the food items printed on your check/voucher. To see what foods you can purchase with your benefits, view the Illinois WIC approved food list. Make sure you look for WIC shelf tags. Some stores use them to help you find approved foods.

Illinois WIC check or voucher to purchase WIC approved foods

When at checkout you should separate your food items by check and from non-WIC foods. Each WIC check/voucher must be rung up separately by the cashier. Make sure to inform the cashier that you are planning to use your WIC check/voucher. While entering in the amount, always verify the cashier is entering the correct price on the WIC check/voucher.

You will also need to show them your WIC ID folder. Remember, only you (the endorser) or your alternate shopper may sign the checks/voucher at the store. If it is signed prior, they will not accept it. Your alternate shopper must sign the front of the WIC ID folder before going to the store. After your purchase, make sure to always get the receipt and file it away for your records.

If the amount is over what the check/voucher is for, then you have the option to pay the difference with your own money. It is recommended that you talk to the store manager if you have a complaint about the store or a store employee. Call the Illinois WIC office if you are still not satisfied.

Find a WIC approved store

Below is a list of Orion WIC stores in Illinois. Select one to view their location information. In most cases when going to one of these stores, they will have a sign out front that shows they accept IL WIC benefits. If you have questions or issues about a store, then we recommend you contact your local WIC clinic.

  • C
Casey's General Store 2673

1101 Division St
Orion, IL 61273

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  • O
Orion Food Pride

510 11th Ave
Orion, IL 61273

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  • S
Schwans Home Service 118190

16053 US Hwy 150 PO Box 65
Orion, IL 61273

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