WIC Clinics in Dayton NV

Find a WIC office in Dayton Nevada. If you are looking for a Dayton WIC clinic in NV, then select a location below. We provide the WIC phone number, address, hours of operation and if available, what services they provide. If you are unable to find a location close to you, then try using our WIC clinic search page to find a location nearby using your address.

Determining WIC eligibility

When applying for the Nevada WIC program, the first thing you would need to do is to contact a WIC clinic in Dayton to schedule an appointment. The staff at the location will determine at your appointment if you qualify for WIC. They will review the documentation provided to them including proof of income, proof of residency and perform a simple health screening for any potenital nutritional risks.

Once they determine you are eligible to receive NV WIC benefits, you will receive nutrition education and be provided with WIC checks/vouchers that you can then take to your local grocery store to buy nutritious foods. To view the full process, how to apply for Nevada WIC.

Click one of the WIC office locations in Dayton NV listed below to get the contact information so you can call and setup your appointment. Some Nevada WIC clinics do allow walk-in appointments, but we recommend you call them first to verify. If you have any questions or issues about a Dayton WIC clinic, then we suggest you contact the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services for further assistance.

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Dayton WIC Clinic

5 Pine Cone Road
Dayton, NV 89403

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